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dogMuttly the Wonder Dogdog

Dave found Muttly at the local 7-11 in March of 1992, Thomas brought him home on a rope :) I didn't want a dog, especially one that looked like he had way too many huge teeth. Muttly turned out to be the most well behaved yet protective dogs and we all loved him. We had Muttly a short 6 1/2 years. Lymes disease got the best of his kidneys Nov 12th 1998.


dogNow Here Comes Diggadog

Nothing makes the loss of a great pet easier than getting a brand new puppy. We were very fortunate to find one that looks remarkably like Muttley and so far seems to have a super disposition also!  He is an 8 wk. old terrier mix. These shots 11/17/98


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